Alex Newton

Wife, Mom, Blog Lady, and more!

Hey there, it’s your new BFF! I started my blog “Lotsa Love and Littles,” in hopes to find other ladies out there like yourself who are looking for their missing piece in their group of Mom-friends. You’ve got the one who always takes Her poor kid to the Doctor, the one who’s actually organized enough to have yearly garage sales, and now: you have Me! I’m the one who not only will help you answer your “I’m embarrassed to Google that” questions, but be there for you when you can no clue where to start! If you’re a Mom, Soon to be Mom, wanna-be-Mom, or just here for the kick and grins: I’m SO glad you’re here!

While you’re here actually, I figured I’d tell you a few things about myself. I’m not one to go on and on, so here’s a few things I’m pretty confident in:

  • Excellent Coffee and Tea Drinker
  • Mediocre Box-Cake Maker
  • First Time Mom To The Cute Guy On Your Left
  • Really Good Friend Becomer (and word maker-upper!)