The Moment We Have Been Waiting For Is Here…

The moment we all have been waiting for…

We celebrate 4 years together on the 20th- yay!

At the beginning of the year, I told Evan, “This is the year we’re getting shit done.” No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it: this was going to be our year, no matter what the world decided to throw at us… that is, until we found out about babe #2. Then Covid happened. Then life happened.

It’s currently June, and after honest to goodness desperation, we found the light at the end of the tunnel. The be-all-end-all to our “get shit done” year. We found a house!!

*Que me happy dancing throughout the empty home as the realtor looks at me like I’ve lost my damn mind.*

For the past two years, Evan and I have been looking and hoping for the right home to fall onto our laps, served on a silver platter. However, after two years of “this would be good…enough.” We both were getting more than tired of looking at homes, putting an offer in, and then getting out-bid. That is, until OUR house popped up. 

It’s not “offical offical” yet, as we still have a ways to go, and papers to be signed: but holy heck, we have a house. A perfect, newly renovated, extremely loved and cared for house that is BEYOND gorgeous. Honestly, my Pinterest couldn’t have designed this house if it wanted to. I mean, look how cute she is!

Is it weird that I’m excited to landscape? I mean, I’m excited to pick out plants and have Evan do the rest. Oops.

Don’t worry though, we still are facing curve balls left and right from various different sources in our lives like everyone else. For example, my pregnancy is bordering turning into a High-Risk pregnancy due to a low-lying placenta, as well potential Gestational Diabetes (ya know, the super fun, totally not scary stuff!) that may make me a candidate for a cesarean. I had Scott 100% naturally and unmedicated, so the idea of potentially having to have not only an epidural but a major surgery is terrifying. Obviously at the end of the day I will do WHATEVER it takes to bring this baby into the world safely and healthy, but still–terrifying to think about. 

25 weeks with babe!

Because of this, I’m now on a very strict low-carb diet. If you’ve ever seen me eat, you know just how much physical pain that puts me in, considering I adore all things potatoes, pasta, and bread. Today I ate baby carrots and some baby bell cheese as a snack. It’s not the same. 🙁

On the flip side though, I’m actually doing fairly decent mentally! When I was pregnant with Scott I was constantly a hot mess, but this pregnancy has been borderline enjoyable. I decided to not be so conscious of my baby-weight this time around, and just focus on making a healthy little bundle.  So far I’m doing super well, and haven’t given into the tempting thoughts of, “but what am I going to look like after TWO babies??” which is HUGE for me. Huge.

I decided that I was going to join Avon as a side thing, and get some discounts on makeup while I’m at it. But the impact it’s had on my self-confidence this time around is insane. For example: I’m actually taking selfies again, instead of filling my feed with photos of Scott. I had no clue who I was after he was born, so rebuilding that confidence has been not only great, but crucial to my mental health. It’s super weird saying that selling makeup has provided that to me, but it really has impacted the way I see myself. It’s pretty nifty. 

All in all, it’s been a very hectic, busy, and frustrating few months. But here’s to hoping that the second half of the year can bring joyful memories, peace, and excitement. 

Talk to you guys later,


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