Life update: Its June!

First off, yes. I DID fall off the face of the earth. Thank you for noticing! Between going back to work, Covid, baby #2 leaving me EXHAUSTED, and house hunting (!!) I’ve barely had time to do much of anything, let alone type on my laptop for a few hours.

So, let’s start with the basics: I went back to work at a new job, and absolutely love the environment and my customers. I would have NEVER seen myself working where I do (or anything remotely close to it, tbh) but my boss is 100% a godsend and my hours are great so zero complaints here. The only thing I need to work on is the amount of money I now spend on snacks! Oh my lanta, the other day I bought three different types of Recees.. #pregnancy

I’ve been working my butt off there, and forgot to give you all the low down on two big accomplishments this month! 1) I have an EIGHT MONTH OLD?! and 2) we’re more than half way done with this pregnancy. What?!

Kissing mama, his favorite person ever.

Am I prepared for double the amount of cuddles? Heck yeah! The double diapers/laundry/crying.. not so much. Now accepting sympathy cards with coffee giftcards inside.

I also fell off the face of the planet here in blog world, because we’ve been looking at homes non-stop. We had one locked in ready to go, except come time for the inspection we found out there was a detrimental amount of plumbing damage that had caused mold to start festering underneath the house. Fun times.

Since then we’ve put in 3 different offers on 3 different homes, 2 of which accepted other bids, and the other one we are currently waiting on, while twiddling our thumbs like little children in anticipation. I’d like to hurry up and move before I become angry-pregnant (if you know, you know.) And that window of time is getting smaller and smaller fairly quickly.

Other than that, life has been fairly boring over here! I did make a pretty big life decision for myself, but that’s for another post. 😉

Sorry I’ve been MIA guys: I promise I’ll write more soon when I have free time!

Xo, Alex

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  1. Congratulations on your new job!! Hope the home search works out in time. Pregnancy is so hard but the rewards are wonderful, except for the sleep deprivation and endless diaper changes. Lol. I guess it’s all part of motherhood.

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