Scott’s 7 Month Update!

After how excruciatingly long that first 48 hours were with a newborn, I was fully convinced it would take what would seem like forever to get to today. Yet, after a blink of an eye and one good nights sleep, I’ve woken up to a toddler in place of my once tender, innocent little baby.

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Scott a few days before 7 months.

Scott is offically at the stage of development where He does a minimum of one new, defiant action every day. Some days its walking while holding onto my hands, other days its standing unassisted while next to the couch in attempts to get his orange toy (pretty sure orange is his favorite color.) Yesterday is was trying to help wipe himself with the wash cloth in the bathtub, and today it’s been practically running (with the help of Dad!) Towards the mirror to get the baby on the other side.

Aside from his eagerness to walk, and lack thereof for crawling: we have a talker! His list of words he has fully pronounced is growing rapidly, and we’re now at, “yeah, hi, hello, hey, dog, Mama, Dad,” and “I love you.” He also is trying very hard lately to say “blue” and “orange” which are the colors of the toy fish he plays with.

Scott is also a super mushy lover: He loves and loves some more. He is ALWAYS asking for kisses from his Dad and I, as well as practically flinging himself towards the animals every time they come remotely close to him in an attempt to pet them. Nothing is more adorable than when the dog comes up and gives him kisses while he’s in his bouncer, and his little toes curl in excitement.

Another great accomplishment is his growth over the last month. This Boy can pack away two 4oz jars of food, plus formula. I’m not kidding when I say I’m pretty sure the other day I woke up and he felt 5 pounds heavier. Hes a unit, but an adorable one at that!

My personal favorite though, has got to be the emotional development stage he’s at right now. Whenever anyone tries to talk to him while I’m holding him, he will quickly grab my shirt collar, squeeze his legs, and turn his head away. It’s very much the traditional “my Mom!” Action, and it makes my heart melt knowing that I’m that special to him. An added quirk is him co-sleeping with us again (don’t come at me over the safety or lack thereof of co-sleeping please) and how he rolls to his little side to face me while he sleeps. And when it’s time to wake up? A slobbery little baby hand tugs on my nose and bops my face in an attempt to get me to say good morning to him. In reality though, he just wants me to get out of the way so he can cuddle his Daddy, who is easily his favorite person ever. Once I slide him over toward his Dad he grabs any piece of Evab he can (some days it’s a fist full of hair, other days it’s his chin) and pulls himself close so he can give him a big wet kiss. The bond they have is so adorable, and I hope this next baby loves their Daddy just as much!

Aside from loving his parents to the ends of the earth (for now!) He is really getting the hang of playing with his toys independently. A few of his favorite toys this month have been his fish tank, his soft letter alphabet, and literally anything that will make noise when he bangs it against something else (for instance, the cupholder from the center of the couch is fair game.) Now that he’s standing more, as well as on the cusp of making his own little babble sentences, I’m on the hunt to find some more toys that will help foster his development in those areas. If anyone has any suggestions let me know: I’m all ears!

Scott playing with his soft letter alphabet he got for Christmas from Grandpa and GiGi!

Seriously though guys, when they said “don’t blink” they weren’t kidding. Where did my tiny baby go?

Until next time, Alex

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