What You Need To Add To Your Baby Registry RIGHT NOW!!

If you haven’t already read it, head on over to Part 1 to get some info on sleep spaces, jumpers, and loungers. With that, if you’re looking for some suggestions on toys, books, and more: you’re in the right place! Welcome!

Don’t have a registry yet? I highly suggest an Amazon Baby Registry. Not only is it super easy for friends and family to order items off your list, but you also get a FREE welcome gift after completing a short checklist–Score! 🙂

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that at no cost to you I may receive a small commission on any items purchased. With that please note that I would never suggest an item I don’t love, unless noted otherwise!

I ended our last discussion talking about the toys I would suggest adding to your registry if you prefer alternative options to clothing. I no more shared that with you all and realized there’s a few more toys my little one is loving at the moment, that are completely registry approved!

One of those items would be His O-ball rattle. Its lightweight design is not only perfect for those tiny little arms and hands, but the breathability of the “O’s” makes it super easy for baby to learn how to grasp, and pass items from one hand to another. Now that Scott is 6 months, He is OBSESSED with using His as a teether, so I’d say this toy is an overall win for a few months at minimum! Another thing I love about this product is when you add it to your registry, your friends and family won’t even bat an eye with how cheap it is: add to cart!

Along the lines of rattles, I’ll be honest with you: I was extremely skeptical of those trendy wooden ones. You know, those ones that look like those wooden honey dippers? But, I decided to give in and see what the hype was about. I Ordered this one and not only did it ship promptly, but it came in a cute little reusable drawstring bag. I’m a sucker for presentation, so I appreciated the thought! But what really matters is the baby: and He loves it.


My favorite aspect of the wooden rattle is how small the diameter is of the center rod. Meaning that while babe is still learning how to open and close their fists, this rattle is easier for them to hold onto for a bit longer than other rattles, which keeps them preoccupied just *that much* longer.

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw the photo I posted of Scott playing with plush letters. Ever since receiving them as a gift from His Grandparents for His first Christmas (Thanks GiGi and Grandpa!) He can’t seem to keep them out of his mouth. The vibrant colors mixed with the associated word and item (A = apple) make it super easy to incorporate a bit of learning into play time, even if He isn’t fully paying attention just yet.

Because it was a gift, and I feel rude trying to find out the exact item with the exact price, I found something very similar. This alphabet set is almost identical to the one we own, and between Scotts teething and need to shake everything violently (and me being too scared of Him bonking His own head) the plush, washable material makes it super baby-friendly.

Saving the best for last, kind of like saving dessert for after dinner, would be His Fisher-price laugh and learn fishbowl. It takes a spin on the typical shape sorter box, as the opening is just narrow enough to teach Him better hand-eye coordination, as well as the not-as-annoying-as-it-could-be songs that keep Him engaged and focused. He LOVES taking all the fish out of the bowl as I tell Him the colors, and then throwing them all on the floor (gotta love this part of development! Cause and effect!) Plus if you want a super cute visual, He holds the fish by the tail and tries to teeth on the “fins” so it looks like He’s chomping on a drumstick. Ah, the little things.


For our baby shower invites we put, “in leu of cards, please bring a book for Scott to enjoy for years to come” and then offered a few suggestions on our registry. Not only did it gently remind our guests to look at the list of items we actually wanted, but it also helped grow Scotts library! Two wins in one!

If you prefer books to be read to you, you can actually ask for an audible membership on your Amazon registry. It’s super convenient to have someone else reading while you rock your little one to eat and sleep, and even if it’s not a baby themed book you listen to, it’s great to have a calm relaxing voice in the background. This is actually on my registry right now for myself! it’ll make that 2am feeding less agonizing I hope!

However, if you want to do things old fashioned, here’s a few books that not only Scott enjoys listening to, but I don’t want to pull my hair out reading:

On The Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier takes an educational yet mythical turn on the story of how calm the earth was when your little one made their appearance. It’s got the perfect tone to it to help ease your little one into relaxation, as well as its length being just long enough to hold their attention without boring them. The illustrations are beautifully done, and the tone of the book draws you in. It’s a must-read for sure!

Mama Loves You So by Terry Pierce is a “I’m not crying, you’re crying” type book for sure. It’s a short and sweet board book consisting of 16 pages, and plenty of rhythm. If you’re wanting a short and sweet bedtime book to help build your bond between your new addition and their Mama, this book is for you. I can’t pick it up without crying, so I can’t read it anymore… ahh, pregnancy emotions.

Dada by Jimmy Fallon is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Written by the late night host in attempts to get his own Childs first words to be “Dada”, it explores the world through your babes eyes. A very funny, light book that any new Dad will find humor in!

Lastly, Scott’s first favorite book: Sophies Peak a Boo ABC’s. I really wasn’t sure what to do when the only song that could calm my newborn was the ABC’s, but once we read this book together and He got to see all the different visuals, like the apple, cat, and xylophone we both were hooked. What I love about this book is the illustrations are minimal, so it’s easier for Him to actually focus on the letters and corresponding photos. I’d buy it again and again!

Oh gosh, who would have thought babies have so many things they need? Stay tuned for part three where I’ll go over different bottles, and the pros and cons of each… and don’t forget to add these items to your Amazon baby registry! The free gift if anything else is worth it, not to mention the free prime delivery after meeting so many milestones in your registry. But hey, don’t let me tell you how great it is: go find out yourself!

See ya next time, Alex

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  1. Such a handy list, especially for people like me who never know what to get friends who are expecting. Amazon is so convenient for everyone too x


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