Chick Peas, Cucumber, Bagel: Oh My!

You ever go to make dinner, realize theres nothing “standout” in the pantry, and you’re too tired (or lazy) to go to the grocery store and give in to a frozen pizza for the 3rd time this week?

Me too: hence this recipe.

Last night I went digging through the pantry to find only the staple pieces: various beans, different dressings that were on sale a few weeks ago, some bagels, and to my surprise in the fridge drawer: a cucumber! Challenge accepted.

Beans, Cucumber, Bagel: Oh My!

You will need: chick peas, black beans, a half a cucumber, an everything bagel, and whatever type of dressing you prefer (I used Chipotle!). What would have been super good if I had it would be Feta Cheese, so if you’ve got some laying around grab that, too.

I started by roasting the chick peas and black beans in a medium sauce pan over high heat for 5-7 minutes. This provides a more nutty flavor to them, which if you haven’t done before you’re missing out!

While those were roasting, I threw my bagel in the toaster. Call me weird, but the crunchier the better, so it was in there a while.

After my bagel was done toasting, and my beans roasted, I put a heaping scoop on top.

Next I cubed my cucumber, and put a handful on top. I also lathered on some chipotle dressing to add some extra flavor/kick.

An added little burst of flavor would have been some feta cheese sprinkled on top!

And there you have it: a dinner you more than likely have all the ingredients for! Nothing fancy for sure, but it sure did the trick on my empty stomach.

What’s a quick easy dinner you make with your pantry staples? Comment below!

Till next time, Alex

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