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You found out you’re expecting, congrats! First things first, here’s some background info for you:

This List is compiled of items I’ve either used, or plan on using (I see you, baby #2!). As a First time Mom, I had ZERO idea of what I actually needed versus what just looked nice, and I could never find a list that simply told me what I actually needed. I ended up getting things I didn’t use (or didn’t like), and had to go to store way too many times after baby was born to figure it all out. So I decided to make the list I wish I had found!

If you don’t have a registry made yet, I highly suggest using Amazons baby registry. Not only is it incredibly easy for friends and family to shop your list, but you also receive a FREE welcome gift after completing a short checklist–score!

With that being said I do have a disclaimer: Some of the items linked I may receive a small commission on if you order them–but don’t worry, it won’t affect your checkout price!

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Number One: you want a safe sleep area. I cannot stress how helpful this free course was in easing my anxiety about putting babe to sleep at night. After doing my research I decided I wanted a bassinet, and ended up getting one that neither I nor baby liked. However, this time around I plan on purchasing this one. My Son was that baby that refused to be put down, cried all night, and hated be swaddled. This bassinet however seems like it’ll really help with those long nights, so I’m hopeful for this second time around that I can get a little bit better sleep between feeds. (Fingers crossed!) Ive also mentioned it before, but this sleep sack was a lifesaver when we were in the hospital and they kept having to un-swaddle him to check his vitals.

One-and-a-half: just in case you don’t like bassinets, this is a great crib option. I learned the hard way that you don’t need that expensive looking, 5-in-1 crib that they can use until their 32nd birthday. They’re heavy, bulky, and hard to store.

Two: You want to bring them Home (and everywhere else) safely. I did SO MUCH research when I purchased my infant carrier, and cannot find a single thing wrong with it. Plus, if you’re like me and just know you won’t be able to carry around your little one forever, a travel system was essential for me. I really liked that I could move the carseat from the base to the stroller with ease, not to mention it kept His face out of the nasty fall wind. Now that He’s six months, we use this carseat, and even used it to drive cross country without a single complaint. (seriously. 16+ hours in a car with a 4 month old, and He did amazing in that seat. I cannot say enough good things about it.)

Three: Entertainment. From jumpers to bouncy seats, swings, and everything in-between, it can be overwhelming to decide if you truly need to buy everything. Here’s what we’ve used that has (and hasn’t) worked:

This swing/lounger 2-in-1 has been a godsend. You can position it to swing back and forth, or side to side, with 6 speed settings and plenty of songs and sounds. When baby gets a little bigger, the seat pops off with ease to provide a 2-speed vibrating lounger for babe. My Son is six months and still thinks this is one of the coolest, most fun things He has… at least that’s how He acts!

The bouncer/activity center we have is also one of His favorites, but I’ll be honest: it’s BULKY. The one we have is very similar to the one I linked, and although it’s a staple piece for him I’m interested in purchasing this one for babe #2.

I also thought that pack-and-plays were overrated… until my Son decided that the original bassinet I got Him wasn’t good enough *sigh* and luckily the pack-and-play I have has a bassinet insert that he’s been using since. I’ll be honest with you though, if He wasn’t using it to sleep, I probably still wouldn’t be using it. I’ve been looking into more of a play-yard type idea, and I think that would suit Him and His needs a lot better. Plus they’re cheaper, and I like to try to be frugal when able!

Four: Toys. Personally, I didn’t want people purchasing any sorts of baby clothing for Him, solely because I knew all I would receive would be either newborn or 0-3 month, and I’d end up returning most of it. So, I went as far as putting toys on my registry, and I actually did pretty good considering a few of them are His current favorites!

He loves anything bright, colorful and that makes sounds if He hits it, which is why this has been a hit for Him. He also really loves sounds and music, so this “radio” as we call it is almost always within His reach, as well as this toy my Mom got Him for His first Christmas.

This list is actually a little longer than I expected, so come back next week for part 2! (Once It’s posted it will be linked here!)

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My seasoned Mamas: What’s one must have that you couldn’t live without once baby was here? Comment below!

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