Better Than Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

If you’re anything like me you go to Starbucks (or if you’re a local: Biggby!) and order a Chai that no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to recreate it.

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After years and years of trying (and failing) to make a good chai with just a tea bag, I think I finally got as close as I’ve ever been! So here’s how I do it:

You will need: Sugar, Half and Half, and Tazo Vanilla Carmel Chai Tea.

Start by warming up your water. Without coming after me, I microwave mine because I don’t have a kettle. Another way that works well is running it through your coffee maker for the perfect temperature: just make sure you rinsed everything out super well.

Nice warm sugar water!

Next I put a scoop or two of sugar in the water. I put the sugar first because I’ve found that it mixes better with just water than the steeped tea. Call me crazy, or just go with it.

How much sugar you put is how sweet it will be. Some days I like a sweeter chai, other days I prefer it spicy. Today I wanted it a little sweeter, so I put roughly a tablespoon or so of sugar.

Next is an important step: I use two tea bags. I’ve noticed that when I make any type of tea that if I use the suggested one tea bag to 8 oz. of water it tastes too watered down… so two bags it is!

Add two tea bags, and steep.

Whether you have the time to let it steep for the suggested time or not, I haven’t found that large of a difference in flavor between waiting to put my half and half in or doing it immediately after.

I put a splash of half and half in there to do a few things:

Cool it down.

Add a creaminess to it.

Make it taste closer to a tea-latte than just a tea.

Add a splash of half and half.

Now stir, sip, and don’t forget it about it on the kitchen counter until it’s cold! (Totally haven’t done that once or twice…)

How do you make your tea? Let me know! I’m always up for new drink ideas. 🙂

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