5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Mood

It’s the day after Easter; you’re so overstuffed from Yesterday’s dinner and chocolate combo that you may as well let yourself mope around the house feeling a little less-than, right? Who’s going to notice if I slept in an extra hour, or ate my kids cereal for breakfast instead of a fruit smoothie? I deserve a break anyways!

Photo by Danielle MacInnes via Unsplash

Well, with that line of thinking you’ll have a caffine crash and cluster headache by 3pm, so heres some tricks to lighten your load today and improve your mood! Heck, you may have already done one already.

1. Make Your Bed.

I know: it’s small, it’s stupid, and you don’t have time for it. Who in their right mind wakes up and does a chore? Well, according to a survey done by Penn State 71% of people who make their beds daily consider themselves happier during the day, and even more productive. So even if it’s just fluffing a few pillows and pulling the blanket up, making your bed can help boost your mood. Not to mention you’ll feel guilty if you go take a nap later and mess up how clean it looks. Clean guilt, anyone?

2. Drink A Glass Of Water.

I partook in a self-run experiment to see if water truly could help improve my wellbeing. It’s got to do something after all, seeing that humans are mostly water. I filled up my waterbottle, put it next to my bed, and dedicated the first 5 minutes of my day for a week to drink as much water I could, without forcing it. After the week was done, my mind not only felt clearer, but I was more focused, productive, and fuller after breakfast. A small step, but a big difference!

3. Dress For Success.

Do you ever wonder why celebrities and social media influencers always seem to be ready for anything? That’s because they are! Dressing for the occasion, even when there isn’t one, gives our mind a boost of confidence that tells us, “heck yeah, I can do anything!” Even the smallest change like wearing blue jeans around the house instead of pajamas (gasp, I know) can remind our brains that we have things that need to get done, instead of saying, “I can’t do that right now… I’m just so comfy!”

4. Unplug.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Water, exercise, dieting, caffine, etc. Even if you’re extremely modest about the time you allow yourself to delve into your social media and zone out, try taking a 10 minute break to put your phone in a different room. Its shocking how this small of a change can impact your mood and productivity: imagine if you could go a few hours, or even a full day or two!

5. Take In Some Fresh Air.

Where I’m from, there’s plenty of people who refuse to be seen outdoors unless it’s the “perfect” day, and even then there’s always something to point fingers at (I’m looking at you, wasps nest!) However from personal experience, even if I can’t find the energy to do anything else for myself that day, I find the time to go outside. The fresh air has such a recharging affect for me, and helps bring me a bit of relief from that days anxiety and fears. An added bonus? You can leave your phone inside while you do this, and make it a two for one. We’re all about multitasking!

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