20 Vintage Baby Names We Didn’t Use (So You Should!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a name picked out for your little one far before they were ever conceived. Yet, when that Gender is finally locked in, and you’re counting down the weeks until your due date, your predetermined name all of a sudden doesn’t seem to fit. It’s this weird pit of the stomach feeling, like calling an apple an orange. Maybe I just have commitment issues, and maybe you’re just here looking for ideas! So, without further blabbering on, here’s 20 vintage baby names we didn’t use.

Eleanor. It means, “Bright shining one”, and was actually going to be Scott’s name if He was a Girl! Your nickname choices vary from “Elle” to “Nelly”, or even “Ellen” if you so choose.

Jack. It means, “God is gracious.” This is a family name on my Husbands side, but we just couldn’t seem to make it fit.

Evelyn. With the meaning of “Wished for Child” it seemed fitting when we no more spoke about starting a family and I found out I was pregnant. With nickname choices like “Eve” or ‘Evie” this name is a huge hit.

James. It means “One who follows”, and has actually been on my list of girl names for a few years. (We’ve all met a James who goes by Jamie at least once!) unfortunately for me though, I can’t quite talk the Hubby into following suit. Still a fantastic name though for sure!

Wolfgang. With the name quite literally meaning a pack of wolves, or a wolves journey, I think this name is perfect for someone who wants their child to stand out and be their own person.

Phoenix. Being a symbol of immortality, my mythology fans will appreciate this one.

Theodore. Meaning “God-given”, it follows suit fairly well with the theme of children being gifts. Imagine calling Him “Teddy” when He’s little — so cute!

Charlotte. It means “Free man”, and has nicknames ranging from “Charlie” to “Lottie.”

Penelope. This is actually a name that has been on my list since I was around age 10, but now that we actually have a family I don’t think it will get used by us. The name itself means “weaver” which has lots of different types of paths to trail down!

Elfie. “Magical being of strength,” deriving from the term ‘elf.’ Who else in Kindergarten class is going to be named Elfie?

Juniper. “Youth Producing” or “Evergreen.” This name is still on my list to be honest with you, but Hubby didn’t like it the first time I ran it past him. Boo. 🙁

Ivy. Representing Fidelity and faithfulness to ancient Greeks, this short and sweet name really packs a punch. Will she be Sweet? Sassy? Both? Who knows!

August or Augusta. Meaning “Majestic” or “Grand” these names are perfect for the couple who find enjoyment in the simple things. I personally love Augusta as a little girls name! “Gus” is also a super cute and trending nickname.

Rory. This name actually just recently got knocked off my list after a very vivid Pregnancy dream weirded me out over a mild connection. The Scottish meaning of this name is “Fiery.” Or, if you’ve ever seen an episode of Gilmore Girls, Lorelei is a nice option as well!

Felix. Meaning “Lucky” or “Successful,” This is one of my favorite short and sweet names that you don’t hear every day.

Georgia. Meaning “worker of the Earth,” and also being yet another location to make the name list: it’s something about names you hear every day being used for babies that sounds so adorable to me!

Bennett. More commonly known as a surname, Bennett means “Blessed.” Not to mention you could call him “Ben” or “Benny.”

Olive. With the olive tree being a sign of Peace, you can rest assured that little Olive will be a soft spoken, gentle soul… Maybe. :p

Amelia. Meaning “industrious,” Amelia is a working family name. A nickname choice for her could be “Amy,” which is equally as adorable as well!

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